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Quit complaining and get down to work!

February 10, 2014

That’s the motto in Arillas! It started years ago with some volunteers taking action to organise a dancing group and local festival,  then there was a very successful action to tidy up the garbage bins in Garbage Collection Stations and after that things started accelerating! More and more people realise that we have to work together to improve our living conditions and make Arillas a better place to live and a better tourist destination, as our main source of income is tourism. Thanks to the action of a few pioneers, a spirit of cooperation, collectivity, solidarity, mutual help and trust is becoming mainstream in Arillas. This is a great revolution, compared to the rest of Corfu and Greece where individualism, disregard for joint efforts and a lot of complaining in front of the TV is the norm!

This year, the Arillas Business Association (SEAK) is going into its third year of existence, with a new council and a very concrete action plan, based on the research conducted by SEAK in cooperation with Dr Kostas Tsoumanis last year. Here are the main things scheduled to happen in Arillas before the start of the 2014 summer season:

Beach sidewalk

Beach sidewalk

  • Sunday 16 February there will be a seminar by the National Tourism Organization (EOT) on how to improve the services we offer our visitors. The focus will be mainly on hotel and apartment owners, restaurants and cafes.
  • A sidewalk will be installed on the left side of the main beach, between the pier and the river. The sidewalk will be made of wood and will be fully financed by the businesses on that side of the beach.
  • Wooden garbage bins will be installed along the whole boulevard. Business owners will be responsible for keeping them clean and tidy.
  • More trees and plants will be planted on the beach front.
  • We will try to make the lights by the beach prettier.
  • The maps of Arillas will be updated and upgraded.
  • A big wooden sign including a map and standardized wooden signs to landmarks and businesses will be installed at the entrance of the village, near Tria Adelphia and the hardware store. This sign will replace the 10+ signs currently cluttering the crossroads. This is a pilot project, if it’s  a success there will be more such signs.
  • Together with the Arillas Cultural Club, more garbage collection stations will be created and more footpaths will be cleared and signposted.
  • The Arillas Business Association will contact the Municipality in writing to get information and ask for their help on various matters such as the horrible condition of the roads, the problems with lighting on the beach, getting more traffic signs and many more.

The cost of the above actions is budgeted around 3,300€. To realize these actions, the members of SEAK (most local business owners) have agreed to contribute financially 100€-150€ per year. Voluntary work is also welcome. In April there will be an evaluation meeting with full financial disclosure. Any money that is over will be available for further actions and needs that may come up during the season, always after public discussion.

We would like to ask all visitors to help us keep Arillas clean and pretty. If you are interested in helping us out with our efforts, ask around next time you are in Arillas or email Green Corfu at

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  1. Grace and Chris Rumble permalink
    March 11, 2014 6:41 pm

    I must say, we are very impressed for making Arillas a better place, even though we all love it now. But I am sure with all the improvements your going to make, its going to be better still, if that is at all possible!!! as the people that have been going for many years, love it anyway, also it will help to more tourists that means more money. Good Luck.

    • March 11, 2014 7:12 pm

      Hi Chris and Grace!

      You can check out what we did last Sunday here.
      This Sunday we’ll finish the pier and get busy with the lights. Blogpost in English will follow next week!

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