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Arillas Wine Festival 2013

September 13, 2013
Making wine in Arillas

Last Saturday, 7 September was the day of the Arillas Wine Festival. And it was the biggest and most successful festival yet! We had 700 chairs but we estimate that at least 1500 people came! There was of course a lot of music and dancing, there were abundant souvlakia, grilled sausages and lamb on the spit, fresh dumplings and grapes and a special dessert made of grapes, there was Corfu beer and free local wine we made at last year’s festival and there was traditional winemaking. The grapes arrived on the donkey, accompanied by music and then the grapes were crushed by feet in the big barrel. Many of our visitors, young and old, took off their shoes and participated in the crushing. All in all, it was a great experience!

The next big festival of Arillas will take place between 9 and 13 October 2013. It will be a great gastronomical meeting between two different cultures, Corfu and Bavaria. There will be food and drink, music and dancing from both Corfu and Bavaria, plus there will be many educational seminars for barmen, cooks and local producers. For more info, check out

For now, here’s a photo gallery and some great videos to get a taste of the Arillas Wine Festival!

Short song

Children’s group dancing

Dancing for everyone

Grilling team in action

Zorbas dance

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