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Arillas Antamoma festival 2013

August 1, 2013

We are near the first weekend of August and like every year, in Arillas we have the yearly Antamoma festival. Antamoma in Greek means “get together” or “reunion”, and it is the chance for Arilliots from around the world to meet, talk, eat and dance together.

This festival is also a meeting on another level, as every year dancing groups from other parts of Greece and even abroad come to Arillas to dance.  This year we even have two dancing groups, one from Kavala and one from Portaria on Mount Pilion. Of course, the local dancing club of Arillas will also perform.

Souvlakia, dumplings, Corfu Beer and lots of dancing this Saturday AND Sunday in Arillas, at the olive grove 300 meters from the beach. Come and get together with us!!!

To wet your appetite here are some photos from last year’s Antamoma:


Update, Monday 5 August

We just had two wonderful nights with great dancers and lots of fun. Here are some photos to give you a taste of the atmosphere:


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