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A journey, bigger than we ever expected

June 7, 2013

(Guest post by Yannis Koryalos of

Still remember the day, about 5 years ago when we sat down at a cafe in Paris (bit cliche, but true…) and started thinking about creating a place where over 50’s would find travel experiences aimed not only at your usual sightseeing trips but experiences where one could discover a new hobby, learn a new skill.

Life-changing holidays

Life-changing holidays

Our quest for different travel experiences started a long time ago and till today, it has taken us to places that we could have never imagined.

Of course, like every idea, our concept has changed dramatically. About a year ago and a lot of brainstorming, we decided that what our focus should be is something we’ve always been passionate about ourselves. Finding and experiencing travel ideas that truly change who you are. We wanted our brand to resonate this passion, the urge to come back different. And so we did.

Sculpting holiday in Evia

Sculpting holiday in Evia

The last 4 months have been to say the least unexpected and eye-opening. Like most start-ups, we started small, no big marketing campaigns, no poster billboards, just us sharing with the rest of the world a selection of what we consider experiences worth trying in one’s life. At least once…

During the last few months we have met inspirational people that not only they have shared with us their love for what they do, but they also welcomed us to be part of their dreams.



Our journey has taken us to a Capoeira Festival in the island of Paros, a great initiative to promote alternative tourism in the island of Corfu, being part of a team set out to plan 2 Ultra marathon races in Greece in 2014, joining forces with the Association of Greek Medieval castles to showcase the unique castles of the Peloponnese, getting to work with a family of artists offering sculpting lessons from their home in Evia to a private island in the Aegean sea where two sisters are running a yoga retreat like no other in the world.

Walking in Epirus

Walking in Epirus

And this is just a glimpse of what we are discovering in Greece. Being part of the entrepreneurial spirit of so many individuals aspiring to change theirs & other peoples lives has been an experience in itself.

We feel that with a bit of an extra push, an extra incentive, giving people the outlet to reach  out to the thousands of alternative travellers is what we have done and what we will continue doing.

The people we’ve met along the way are the reason why this has been so special! Our vision to help everyone discover a new life and truly come back different has just began. For the rest, keep checking for how you can come back different.

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