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The Future of Tourism in Corfu

June 3, 2013
Dr. Heather Skinner on Corfu

Following the article in The Guardian showcasing Green Corfu as a dynamic new startup in Greece in a time of crisis, there is more good news!

Dr Heather Skinner (see our previous blogposts on Rebranding Corfu, our Alternative Corfu meeting and the Alternative Kerkyra website) has sent us her preliminary on her research on Tourism in Corfu. Here are some interesting quotes:

Greece must challenge tourists’ knowledge of the destination by presenting its extraordinary, lesser-known aspects. In essence, the country invites tourists to “discover the Greece you don‟t know”.

It is worth developing strategies to attract more tourists outside of the July and August peak
season. This can be done by focusing more on alternative type activity holidays, including, for

  • Active tourism & Activity tourism
  • Agro-tourism & Eco-tourism
  • Festival tourism & event tourism
  • Disabled tourism
  • Wedding tourism

Local businesses need to understand the way co-operation and collaboration rather than fierce competition can actually help everyone. Learn from other cases – resorts on the island (such as Arillas) that are turning things around by taking control of their own destiny, and learn from cases of other islands that have improved their tourism fortunes by, for example, attracting more low cost airlines to offer direct flights, investing in accommodation and infrastructure, offering ways for All-Inclusive hotels to better contribute to the local economy, making it easier for tourists to book direct with local tourist service providers, and making it easier for tourists to spend money on local produce when in-resort.

You can find the full report, full of valuable tools, here: CORFU rebranding initial report

UPDATE: Just got the translation of Heather’s report in Greek: ΚΕΡΚΥΡΑ ΔΗΜΙΟΥΡΓΙΑ ΝΕΑΣ ΤΑΥΤΟΤΗΤΑΣ ΓΙΑ ΤΟΝ ΠΡΟΟΡΙΣΜΟ

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  1. June 13, 2013 2:56 pm

    I love Corfu, its is really a very beautifull place with great beaches and clear blue water.

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