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The Arillas Trail not so grand opening

June 3, 2013

We had built a new bridge, cleared the path, put up new signs, developed a new logo and everything was ready for the Grand Opening of the Arillas Trail. We had even organised a party afterwards with beer and souvlakia at the Corfu Beer microbrewery. Unfortunately, we hadn’t taken the weather into account. The forecast was bad and that’s why most people decided to skip the walk.

It was raining all night, and even in the morning, but it looked like the weather was clearing up, so in the end we started with a handful of people on the walk a little after 10.30. In total, 12 people and 2 dogs participated in the walk, but all of us enjoyed it immensely as a bright sun came out and accentuated the freshly washed greens and colours of the Arillas countryside.

We saw beautiful views, bugs and animals, we saw some less beautiful sights, like garbage dumped along the road and buses rotting in a field, but all in all it was a memorable walk. Come to Arillas and see for yourselves!

Here’s a small photo story of the walk:

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  1. Steve Leslie permalink
    March 30, 2014 5:49 pm

    Thank you for this encouraging work you are all doing and hope that it spreads all around Corfu

    Steve from Vatos


  1. Early birds come to Arillas | Green Corfu Blog

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