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Big Arillas Beach Cleanup report!

April 21, 2013
Cleaning up Arillas

Today was the big day! We cleaned up Arillas beach and also did much more! People started to clean the beach around 10.00. We produced a fair amount of bags full of plastic and other rubbish. The sea had washed ashore a great amount of driftwood which we gathered and burned. At the same time, other groups were cleaning the roads of the village and gathering big pieces of garbage such as mattresses etc. At the right end of the beach, people are working to make a stone ramp going down to the beach so that baby buggies but also wheelchairs can have easy access to the beach. At the left side, preparations for a parking place and a garbage collection post behind Costas on the Beach and Thalassa are also going well, thanks to everyone’s hard work. Even the pier bench was put back in its place after a rainy winter.

In the meantime, the weather was great, the views too, and even a white egret passing by decided to check out what we were doing. The little black dog wanted to play with him but he decided to just fly away! And in the end, many beautiful children decided that they should profit from this warm day and cool down in the shallow lagoon that has formed on the beach. All in all it was a beautiful and creative day for everyone. Works are being continued, the parking lot needs more work and we must also clear some paths, but it’s great to see so many people working together just to make Arillas look better!

We would like to thank everyone who helped along today, however much or little they did. The more the merrier, and we are already feeling a connection among the Arillas people, whether they are from here or from elsewhere.

Have a fantastic, exciting, spectacular summer everyone!

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