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Meeting on alternative tourism and local products

February 14, 2013
Alternative Kerkyra Meeting

Meeting to get to know each other and discuss

on Alternative Tourism and Local Products on Corfu

Sunday 17 February, from 11.00 until 17.00 at Silvaland

These are difficult times and it’s necessary to look for new solutions, as the old ones aren’t working any more.

Corfu has many advantages that either haven’t been utilised properly yet or, even worse, are threatened with extinction due to the uncontrolled development of the last decades:

  • A beautiful landscape.
  • A fertile land that has always been producing all kinds of delicious things.
  • Architecture, nature, history, ……

We believe we must take advantage of those assets. By combining alternative forms of tourism with a respect for the environment and high quality local products, we can create the conditions for a different kind of qualitative development of the island.

The aim of this meeting is for all of us who are already working on, or are planning to start with alternative projects on Corfu to get to know each other and see how we can help one another.

Participants are welcome to bring along some samples of their products and/or promotion materials of their businesses. There will be no sales, just tasting and talking!

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