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The Arillas Trail

April 28, 2012

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The Arillas Trail is being launched on the 1st of May (this Tuesday)!!! Great trail, breathtaking views, the weather will be clear and warm, be sure to take a camera with you! As the walk starts at 10:00, by the time it gets hot we will be drinking beer and tasting mezedes!

Here’s the official invitation by the Arillas Cultural Organization:

During the winter, the Arillas Cultural Organization, in cooperation with other residents and the Business Union of Arillas, have tried to create a walking trail that starts at the beach between Ina’s shop and Mirage pool along the Arillas stream, up to the bridge after the bakery and then all the way into the olive-groves of the rural area around Arillas and up to Magoulades. It winds its way through areas that could not be easily accessed by visitors until today as there were no signs. We have marked this path with small signs bearing red arrows and if you follow them you will enjoy a six kilometer walk which can easily be covered in two hours. Walking along this trail you will be able to observe Arillas from a different point of view, in a fantastic environment of plants and trees where time has stopped many years ago. The roads that you will see are only used by locals a couple of times per year, in order to transport the yearly harvest of olives to the local olive press. There are almost no buildings along the track and the only signs of modern civilization are the nets that are used to collect the olives.

The trail ends at the Corfu microbrewery where you can stop for a free beer sample and guided tour inside or keep going till the beach again.

The trail will not be the only one. We have future plans for creating a whole network of such marked paths where you will be able to walk under the shade of our over 400-year-old olive trees all the way to Sidari.

The first official walk will be on May the first and everyone is invited to join us!

At the end of the walk we will be having a small party at the Corfu Microbrewery where you will be offered local specialties and loads of Corfu beer. All sponsored by the people of Arillas.

See you by the beach of Arillas around 10:00!

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  1. Dave Hancy permalink
    April 30, 2012 2:53 pm

    Great new addition to the walks available in NW Corfu. I look forward to walking it in early July. Wishing you a nice day on 1st May.

    Dave, UK

    • April 30, 2012 4:37 pm

      Thanks Dave!

      I’ll upload some photos of the walk and the party afterwards soon. The weather is sunny and hot and it smells like summer!


  2. May 9, 2012 2:28 pm

    We were lucky enough to be here in Arillas and that Life and the People of Arillas invited us to be part of the inauguration of this wonderful trail. The trail itself touched our hearts, but the intention that lead the people who initiated this movement is leaving us without words. We feel that THIS is enriching Arillas in many many ways. Thank you very much Dimitri and all who created this idea and made it real. Now we can all walk this LOVE-Path and we like to invite people from Switzerland, Germany and Italy.
    The greek spinach cake was so great. ;)) Raffaella and Harald


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