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Go to hell all of you!

March 18, 2012

This post is a translation from a post on Kartesios’ blog three days ago. I read it this morning and it made me cry. I don’t cry often.



I haven’t written a post in two days, because I was thinking that it would pass, that I would calm down a little, that I wouldn’t curse and swear. I was hoping that when I got down to writing I wouldn’t start crying like a fool (malakas). But it’s not like that after all.

It’s not like that because I didn’t hear about it, I witnessed it first hand. He was looking me in the eye and telling me clearly “I’ll sell a kidney man, but I’ll save her”. He was angry and determined. I knew he meant it.

He’s unemployed. Fired. She, his wife, a nurse of 700 euros. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

None of them over 40. In the public hospitals where they went, they told them something about waiting lists for an operation and staff shortages. In private hospitals, lowest price 3000 euros for the doctor’s fee.

Public insurance doesn’t even cover a breast ultrasound. Even those 15 euros have to come out of their own pocket. At home, 3 children. They mustn’t know. And he’s determined. “I’ll sell my kidney man, I’ll sell it to someone”.

And I don’t have 3000 euros to give him, to give back when he can. And I don’t know anyone who has. That’s my circle, what can I do? None of them have this kind of money.

That’s why I don’t feel like writing. Cause it’s all bollocks. And so are they. Sonofabitches. Bastards, Both the left and the right. Those who ask me to vote for them. They’ll get my balls.

The holy right of voting can be exercised by those who believe that the vote is holier than human life and dignity. I don’t think it’s that holy. And as no one defended it as they should have, let them all go fuck themselves.

Fuck the struggle the Left parties gave in the Parliament. It all passed. The memorandums, the measures, the clauses, the cuts. And the two left parties couldn’t even say good morning to each other.

Thirty seats they have today. And what if tomorrow they have 50 or 60? The other 240 will keep passing new measures. What measures? Those that are passed in the middle of the night, raising the contribution of heart patients on medicines from 10% to 25%.

Many Medical Unions are already yelling that pensioners, unemployed, fired heart patients are undertreated with a danger to their lives, because they decide on their own to lower the dosage of their medicines to save some money.

They cut a pill in half, so that the box will last for twice as many days. Those are the classy battles of the Parliament. Talks, talks, talks and everything passes. Like a road roller. Dead people who aren’t registered anywhere.

And they say “please protest in a decent manner”. No, you fucker. There is no decent manner, because you get 3 and 13 and 30 thousand out of your fucking parliament seat and someone else is selling his kidney to save his wife.

Why should I vote for you, you asshole? So you can give an alibi to their democracy? All innocent. Crimes written off with the stroke of a pen. And someone else is losing his wife. Go to hell, I am not getting in a discussion with you. Put the ballot box and its results up your ass. Motherfuckers.

And yes. I am cursing the Left, because that’s who I expected to come up for us and protest. I didn’t expect anything from the right fascists, or the ruling thieves. They didn’t let me down. They were always opposite me. Well, now I’m also opposite those bitches of political civilization. Revolutionary Left, my ass. Fuck you, you sissies.

When I started the translation I saw on Kartesios’ blog that a lot of people were moved by this post and that Lia has her surgery scheduled for Tuesday in a public hospital. I am relieved…..!

But there are many more Lia’s and George’s in Greece today, who may not be so fortunate. So, next time Greece comes up in the discussion, you may have a different story to tell….

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