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Tar on Arillas beach

August 8, 2011

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People on Arillas beach discovered yesterday (Sunday 7 August) evening that little (and not so little) balls of tar were being washed ashore… This stuff is extremely dirty, sticks to your feet and hands and can only be removed using some kind of oil (olive oil, salad oil, baby oil…). It’s really not something you want on your beach! Probably some ship passing by decided to wash its tanks the cheap way and dump the waste water in sea, instead of having to pay for it…

Anyway, someone is to blame and we hope they get caught,  but the fact remains that tar is being washed ashore and the beach is getting dirty! So, this morning (Monday 8 August), tens of locals and tourists gathered on the beach from 7.00 to clean up. We used our hands, buckets fishing nets and improvised devices made like fishing nets but tighter to clean up the beach and sea. A lot of tar was removed but there’s more washing up… This afternoon we’ll do a second round of cleaning and there is another appointment for tomorrow (Tuesday) morning at 7.00. The advantage early in the morning is that the tar is cooler and easier to pick up.

It was good to see people participate in the cleaning up. If more people help tomorrow, we may keep the damage contained….

Update, 09 August 2011

The beach is clean, except for a little tar that has dissolved into the sand and is now visible as dark areas that do not cause any problems. Thanks to all the people who helped with the cleaning up!!!


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