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Summer is starting on Corfu!

May 7, 2011

Today we went for a walk on Arillas beach. Beautiful, sunny weather, clear atmosphere and sparkling sea! As you can see, the sea is still too cold for swimming (unless you are three years old)! Sorry for the quality of the pics but I only had a mobile with me…

About half of the shops, bars and restaurants in Arillas are already open and the rest are working hard to open next week. The first tourists have arrived and are enjoying the great weather and the peace and quiet of the island. This is really the best time to enjoy the nature of Corfu. It’s warm enough and it’s not crowded. Everywhere you go you get good service and people have the time for a chat. In August it’s another story…!

I was talking to a couple of Belgians yesterday who came to Corfu to walk. They said the landscape is great and the variety of plants, flowers and animals is something they have never seen before (and they have been to many places!).

It was interesting that they made a comparison of Corfu to Mallorca where they often spend their holidays. They complained that footpaths on Corfu are very poorly indicated. As a result they got lost a couple of times, even though they had a GPS with them. On Mallorca all footpaths were properly marked during the last five years and walking tourism has risen enormously as a result. The downside was, they said, that those footpaths are beginning to get so crowded by walkers that they miss the tranquility of the past, as well as the feeling of adventure when having to find your way through unknown territory!

So, for all you adventurous walkers out there, Corfu is the best place for walking, certainly if you don’t mind getting lost now and then!

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