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A new season is starting!

April 14, 2011

Springtime in CorfuIt’s a bright, sunny day in the middle of April, the gentle breeze has cleared up the atmosphere and Corfu is dressed in her most beautiful clothes! In all the coastal villages and resorts, people are in their working clothes, building, painting, cleaning up and getting ready to open up, before or right after Easter. There’s a lot of activity and here at Green Corfu we are also getting ready for the opening of the season.

To be honest, this is how it goes every year, but this year there’s more anticipation, there’s an uncertainty in the air about what this summer will bring. We are in the middle of the worst crisis ever, things are getting very difficult indeed, and there are no signs that the situation is going to get any better soon. Or are there …?

Well, it’s true that the situation we are in is very different than a couple of years ago, but there are also good things that seem to be happening on Corfu. People are starting to realise that the model we were following for the last 40-50 years has reached its limits. The time of building more and more houses, apartments, restaurants and bars anywhere we could has passed. We have to come up with a new strategy to survive! And, fortunately, I keep meeting more and more people who have realised this, people with new ideas who are determined to make a difference!

Mimosa in bloomThe best thing the crisis has done is bring us closer together with our neighbours! When all else fails, you have to rely on your neighbours and friends, and that’s something most people had forgotten in the years of plenty. And when you start talking with new people, you will inevitably come up with new solutions. There are people setting up organic farms and restaurants with organic food, there are people cleaning up footpaths, beaches and roads on a voluntary basis, there are people talking about small scale green energy, about protecting the environment and the landscape, about alternative ways to live and work. Alternative tourism is becoming  a hot item (better late than never…)!

So I’ll leave you for now with the optimistic thought that when we all work together with a common goal, we can overcome any crisis. And with the sun shining on the beautiful nature of Corfu, I can’t help being optimistic!

And now I have to go put on my working clothes and start painting the house…!

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