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Update on sea windmill park Northwest Corfu – Diapontia islands

September 14, 2010

Sea windmill parkNow that the peak of the tourist season has passed, it’s time to meet and see what we can do about the plans of the government to destroy the sea environment and economy of Corfu by planting windmills in the sea. The general assembly is set for Sunday 19 September at 11:00 in the Cultural Center of Avliotes (in the central square, under the big wall). It’s important that as many people as possible become active in fighting the government’s plans, because they will seriously affect all residents of Corfu one way or another

One major development since our last post is the visit of mr Michalis Dekleris to Corfu in the beginning of September. Michalis Dekleris is one of the greatest Greek lawmakers of the last century. As funder and head of the 5th department of the Council of State (the Supreme Administrative Court of Greece) he has produced legislation on environmental topics, sustainable development and natural reserves that has been adopted worldwide!

In his interview (a report of which in Greek can be found here) he talked about the natural reserves of Corfu that are being exhausted in a breathtaking pace. All islands are sensitive ecosystems and their natural reserves should be maintained at 30-50% of their area. Specifically on the issue of the windmill parks (beside the sea windmill park there are also plans for windmill parks on the Pantokrator!), he stated that “windmill parks are a well-designed scam by international loansharks“, as the energy produced is not continuous and so requires a complete backup system powered by conventional means. Thus, there is really nothing “green” about them. He also stated that “the sea windmill park is an environmental crime as the sea bottom is a living organism“.

He promised us his scientific support in fighting against the obliteration of the environment of Corfu and also to visit us again before Christmas to present his report on “The imminent catastrophe of Corfu”!

Please feel free to download, print, hang up and distribute the poster for the meeting:

Poster Meeting against windmills 19 September

Sea wind farm in north Corfu

is being pushed through!

The greek government, despite the 5000 signatures of residents and the petitions of many local authorities against the enormous planned wind farm between Corfu and the Diapontia islands, is pushing through with its plans which mean among others:

· Selling off our sea to multinationals.

· Destroying the marine environment.

· Economic destruction of north-west Corfu and probably the rest of the island.

· Many health problems for all residents of Corfu.

All this is being propagated in the name of “Green Development”, which is a euphemism for Green Plundering!

Will we let them?

General Assembly

Sunday 19 September, 11:00

Avliotes Cultural Center

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