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Windmill park threatens to destroy north-west Corfu

July 9, 2010

Windmill park impression in Corfu

This is an impression on what the sea off north-west Corfu will look like if plans go through

It’s been almost a year since we learned that some companies were planning to construct a gigantic windmill park in the sea north-west of Corfu, and to be more precise between the beach of Agios Stefanos and the islands of Mathraki, Erikoussa and Othoni. This week the government confirmed those plans.

This windmill park is supposed to deliver “green” energy and help Greece comply with European directives on this matter. But the energy coming from such windmill parks is not so “green” as the investors claim… We are talking about a couple of hundred wind-turbines with a pillar height of over 100 meters and rotors of over 50 meters, totalling a height of over 150 meters, or twice the height of Mathraki!

The construction of such a colossal project will have many negative effects on the area and on the whole of Corfu:

  • The thousands of tons of concrete that will be used to build each wind turbine on the sea bottom will destroy the breeding places of the fish end probably the whole marine ecosystem. Those turbines are also known to disorient marine mammals such as dolphins, whales and sea lions.
  • The visual, sound and electromagnetic pollution from the turbines will have serious effects on both the health of people and, of course, on tourism. To put it plainly, thousands of people will face economic disaster and health problems and the beautiful Diapontia islands of Othoni, Erikoussa and Mathraki will become uninhabitable.
  • The worse part is that this whole project is organized “the greek way”. There is no planning whatsoever about the transfer of the power produced to tha mainland of Greece. This means that either Corfu will be filled with high-voltage power lines and electric substations OR (which is probably the case) the investors are not interested in actually producing power but aim to once more profit from the lucrative (75%) EU subsidies at the cost of destroying the lives of thousands of people and one of the most beautiful places of Corfu.

There are many more arguments against such windmill parks and we will go deeper into those in a next post.

The people of the area have already expressed their opposal to the plans and so have the local municipalities, the prefecture of Corfu, the chamber of commerce and other institutions but it seems like the decision are being taken elsewhere and our opinion doesn’t count…

We will continue to follow this issue closely and would like to know what you think about it!


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