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Welcome to the Green Corfu blog!

May 17, 2010

Cape Drastis is a website that wants to promote a different Corfu, a Corfu that is not so well known either to Greeks or to people from all over the world. Corfu has more to offer than golden sandy beaches, sun and a crystal clear blue sea. Corfu is a green island, because of its lush vegetation all year round, full of olive trees, cypresses, and a wealth of other plants, insects, birds and animals. It’s an island that is ideal for tourism all year round. You can walk through the beautiful countryside, go horse-riding over ancient paths, cycle amid awe-inspiring olive groves, taste traditional local products, visit traditional wineries, olive presses, picturesque churches and ancient castles, relax and come in contact with pure natural beauty.

Corfu olive flowersWhat’s more, the last years more and more people have come to Corfu to escape the bustle of everyday life in their homelands. Many of those people practise art and alternative forms of medicine such as homeopathy, acupuncture, meditation, all kinds of massage and more. We want to introduce you anew to this green island, full of positive energy!

In this blog we will try to set off a discussion on some of the topics Green Corfu is trying to promote, such as Corfu nature, local products, recycling and waste management, alternative tourism, self-organization and self-management of the development of a different Corfu.

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